'Why do people easily believe in fake news?'

With the abundance of information available both online and offline, it might get overwhelming to distinguish between credible and distorted sources. Widely used by Trump on Twitter, the term has spread far beyond the political arena. It has even reached the point of being normality - an article with false testimonies succeeds at tricking readers into believing it. What is the reason behind it?



'How The Mondrian Collection by YSL transformed the relationship between fashion and media'

From Carmel Snow’s success as the most influential fashion expert of the early 1900s who remodeled Harper’s Bazaar to the present-day Anna Wintour reviving the infamous Vogue in late 1980s, the visions of fashion icons heavily contributed to the development of the magazine, runway, and internet industry. 



'In conversation with Anja Loven, the founder of Land of Hope'

It doesn't take a genius to recognize the privileged reality in which every one of us reading these lines is currently living. We have access to clean water, nutritious food, good education, and, most importantly, a loving family that always has our back. This isn't the case for a major part of the population living in less-than-adequate conditions in Africa.   



'How has social media altered the way we perceive reality?'

Growing remarkably stronger throughout the last decade, the digital platforms had undergone a transformation from being a simple source of information to becoming an instrument of socialization. As a consequence, those consuming the endless amount of data turned also to be those producing it. With such an abundance of blogs, videos, and social media posts, the effect on the general audience is immense.



'What do the Netflix series "When They See Us" and Trump have in common?'

The attack involving rape and physical abuse of a white woman running across Central Park in New York was big news. The city where the crime was a frequent occurrence and racism continuously appeared in daily headlines of the prominent newspapers was ruled by the influential people. Trump was one of them.



Master Budget and its importance to your company's success

Whether it be a marketing or a purchasing department, every functional division of the business requires a viable budget for its proper performance. The master budget coordinates all the budgets required by every department of the business. It acts as a planning and controlling instrument used for evaluating the company’s financial behavior and for the further alterations compulsory for performance improvement.

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