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Working out from home

So, it has been a month since I started working out at home and I cannot wait to share my experience with you.

As a result of my workout routine, I can now say without a hint of doubt that it is possible to exercise at home and see results at the same time. You do not need to go to the gym religiously to stay fit (I am not taking into account muscle gains). I used to go to the gym several times a week and perform basic exercises. When my membership expired, I realized that I could recreate those exercises and create my own routine at home for no fee.

I prefer to dress appropriately, lay down the yoga mat, put on my playlist from the “ACTIVE” by POPSUGAR app or “Yoga by Adrienne” on YouTube and get straight to the business. I am going to talk about what I tend to do for my workouts and my own advice to any other broke student out there who wants to save up while staying fit.

What does my workout routine look like?

Throughout the weeks of trying to figure out the best regime that will both work for me and not exhaust me, I came up with a routine of working out every other day, switching between cardio + strength and yoga. Since I am a big fan of yoga and have had a year-long relationship with it, I could not just forget it and let it go. Moreover, I became aware of the fact that incorporating both physical and mental practices in my routine would not put much pressure on me and bring substantial benefits in the long run.

Down below you can find some tips and tricks that helped me to stick to my regime and not skip a day with the excuses like “I am not in the mood for it”.

- You need to be determined. You have to learn to push yourself when you do not feel like it, because there are going to be days when skipping seems to be quite an attractive option. During those days I remind myself of how good I am going to feel myself after accomplishing this little task. It is true – you never feel bad after working out. You can also recall the goal you put in front of you when deciding to work out at home and the pride you will feel after achieving it.

- You have to create time for your workout regime. There is no need for the whole hour you might be used to in order to see results – half an hour is more than enough. Sometimes I do not even have that – in those cases 10-15 minutes a day does its job perfectly.

- You will not see results if your diet stays the same. Every single fitness guru out there will tell you that you need to eat properly and in small portions several times a day to reach your fit self. Obviously, our bodies work differently and need different nutrients to stay healthy, but this general rule works for everyone. As for me, starting to eat mindfully and intuitively changed my whole perspective on feeling full and staying fit. Cutting out dairy and meat in as many meals as possible proved to work not just for my figure, but also for my skin issues.

A month is definitely not enough to see major changes, but I am already feeling a lot stronger than I used to be months ago. I can finally do a crow pose which I could not perform whatsoever two months ago (yay). I still need to learn how to stay more than three seconds in the eight-angle pose, but I am getting there for sure. To be completely honest, I can tell that I am sweating a lot more when working out at home than I used to at the gym. Whether it is my willingness to see results even quicker or my total dedication to the idea – I am thrilled with what I have already achieved.

You clearly do not need to follow the exact same routine that I have – instead, you should tailor it to your needs and abilities. This is the only way to genuinely enjoy working out and consider that time well spent. At the end of the day, all that matters is how you feel in your own body and what you do to nourish it. We all have got just one of them for the rest of our lives.

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