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Who said this flight is cancelled?

We all scream for (ice-cream) traveling, don’t we?

I also screamed a little on the inside when the tickets were booked. I was absolutely stocked to go on another adventure, and with the person I have never previously travelled before – my mom.

It was the second of December when I received the email with our tickets attached. For a reference – our two-way tickets was around €320 each, which we thought was a pretty good deal for a flight with Lufthansa and with a layover in Frankfurt.

Fast forward to the twenty third of January, when I was browsing the Internet in search for the places to visit in Tunis. It was a lovely evening when an idea sparked in my head and another purchase was made – Malta tickets. I am a true believer in gifts that leave you with memories, and since my mom’s birthday was in May, this two-day trip to Malta was a perfect early gift from me to her. For a reference – tickets were ~ $140 each, and the airline was Air Malta. The same night hotel tickets in a ‘Pebbles Boutique ApartHotel’ were also bought (€107 for a double room on an upper floor with the breakfast included) and we were already enjoying our vacay in our dreams.

Another fast forward to the fourth of April, when I was working as an intern and all of sudden spotted an urgency while refreshing my email page. It was an email from Expedia (the platform where our Malta tickets were bought) saying that some significant changes were made to our flight and we need to contact them immediately. To say the least – I was worried. In three days we were supposed to board to fly to Tunis and then to Malta, when all of a sudden we were facing some issues with our Malta flight itinerary.

In hopes of trying to find out what had actually happened, I called Expedia and was told that Air Malta has cancelled their eleventh of April flights from Tunis and the only option we had was to opt for another day (which was, obviously, not an option, since hotel was booked for one night and we did plan to stay in Malta for only two days). It is hard to remember now all the swearing and all the thoughts passed through my head at that moment, but something definitely had to be done.

On the next day I had finally reached another operator who was able to discuss refund options with me, but if you have ever been put on hold while talking on the phone, you know how bad the connection might be (or, let’s say, always is, when it comes to overseas calls). When we had finally reached an agreement and there was just one last step left, guess what happened? Yes, I got disconnected. After that, I tried calling again while explaining the situation to different operators, but no progress was made. By the way – keep in mind that their working hours were same as my internship hours, hence why I couldn’t really talk for too long.

The same evening when I got home, I sent them an email and also brainstormed whether I should purchase another set of tickets from a different airline or cancel our Malta trip. Since I’m not a quitter, I quickly started looking for some tickets for the same date, and, to my luck, TunisAir Express had just three of them left (for a reference – I paid $160 for two one-way tickets). I had to grab them immediately, otherwise I knew they would be gone and we would be screwed. That was exactly what I did.

If you’re wondering whether I got my refund, the response is no, I did not. I quickly realized after writing them refund related emails that it was a waste of time, and have recently stumbled upon a website which helps to receive compensation for cancelled/delayed flights for poor fellas like me. Fingers crossed everything goes well and I will inform you all on the details regarding the whole compensation process.

Here the story with all the flight shenanigans ends, and the exciting traveling part starts in the next post.

Until then, let me know if these kinds of mishaps have ever happened to you and how have you dealt with it. Share your stories with me either in the comments below, or in Instagram messages!

Image credit: Urnukh Darizav

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