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'What we tolerate we worry about'

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Oh hey there! It seems like I haven’t written anything in a while, but in reality it’s all been in my head and I just haven’t got around to put it on a piece of paper (aka type it). I’m gonna fix it now, though.

Last friday I watched another episode of TEDx Talk with Isabelle Mercier (by the way, highly recommend giving it a glance), which left me thinking, thinking and thinking. I could not possibly leave it unattended and I felt the need to have a little talk.

She was talking about the magical power that is within all of us, while only a few have the courage to use it properly. I’m taking about the tolerance to everyday issues that we give too much attention to. “What we tolerate we worry about”, she said, which truly has a lot of meaning behind it.

Someone is not being able to say a word to his boss who is not giving enough remuneration for his work. (And ends up thinking his contribution to this company is not worth much). Someone can’t say “no” to his friends’ offer to hang out in the evening because he has a project due tomorrow. (And finds himself stressed out while trying to finish it two hours prior to deadline). We all have different things we choose to tolerate on daily basis that we find hard to neglect and that make us waste time worrying.

Isn’t it so very tiring to be constantly worrying instead of getting up and deciding to stop tolerating what is not letting us to do our best? Isn’t it so very damn awesome to face and conquer our fears even if it is as simple as having a cheat day while trying to lose weight and not feeling guilty about it or not-so-easy as ending a toxic relationship you were too scared to end?

It’s so easy to lose the sense of self while constantly worrying and making up issues that would never be there if not worries. It indeed is taking away from us the strength and energy we could use to create something worthy, something we always wanted to do.

Yes, I’m also guilty. I tend to tolerate stuff I shouldn’t and it leaves a lot of unsaid words and me feeling unaccomplished. It shouldn’t be this way though. I have to leave the worries behind for my own good. It’s gonna make the hell of a difference not just in my own life, but also in my surroundings.

“Peace of mind is a choice”, and only you have the ability to make it a reality. Try to incorporate into your daily routine some habits you’re gonna stick to, whether it’s a half an hour morning meditation, a five minute journal notes or some quality time for your soul listening to Beethoven or/and Mozart. Slowly but surely the progress will be made.

Image credit: Rebecca Hawkes

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