• Anastasia Hamurari

What about comfort zone?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Have you ever thought about your comfort zone? Have you ever thought about the impact it has on your everyday life? We tend to not give much attention to it, even though we know it’s there. We know that we keep floating inside of this bubble we are so used to. We are aware of its every single centimeter. We know what it feels like and it feels so good. Doesn’t it?

Well, we have a big issue then.

Everything we are used to does not give us much space to develop. We are stuck. We do not go out there because we are afraid of this silly thought “What if?”

What if you do not succeed? What if they are gonna laugh at you? What if you are going to disappoint yourself? What if it turns out not to be worth it?

Those are the questions we keep thinking of, just not out loud. They are buried deep inside our heads. Somewhere where they are safe.

But what if it is exactly what you always wanted? What if you are going to absolutely fall in love with it? What if you finally find your passion? What if it makes you feel so proud?

These questions are the only ones we should have. They will make a difference.

Just imagine how far you can go if you are not going to focus on your fears. How many milestones can you reach, how many goals can you achieve?

Maybe you always wanted to draw but never thought you are good at it – go and join a drawing class!

You might have wanted to try bungee jumping – don’t waste your time thinking about it, go and do it!

There will be excuses your head will make up, but that is just a part of the process. Eventually you will learn to shut them down. You will learn to not let them step in your way when great things are about to happen. That will be the moment you will discover something exciting; something that will change your perspective for forever.

Image credit: Hugo Werner

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