• Anastasia Hamurari

Personal perspective on 2017

I do not even know what to start with. This year has been such an incredible yet challenging year for me. I have learnt so much through different experiences I had.

It started with continuation of my gym slash yoga journey following celebrations of several birthdays, including mine. As spontaneous as I am, booking some kind of a place occurred the night before my actual birthday.

Month of February got the title of “Special” since it brought me to Moscow to my dearest friend, which was a gift from me to me. Well spent two and a half days felt like a whole month and that’s when you know that time was worthwhile.

Beginning of March meant a change of hair color. Never have I ever thought I could be brave enough to do it. Nonetheless, it happened. With tears, happiness, tears and satisfaction at the end of the process, of course.

April began with me using my last opportunity while being a bachelor student to go to states. The challenging part of 2017 began right here. Embassy, happy tears, final exams, summer plans – it all made this month the one to remember.

University errands as well as packing took a good amount of May. Spending around twelve hours in the air ended with me and another three of my future colleagues (what a fancy word, huh) on the other world continent.

June, July, August and September were all a part of a big journey with ups and downs. More about those months you can read in my October post.

October was a ‘catching up’ sort of month for me. It started with me adjusting to my everyday routine I had before leaving and ended with a impromptu trip to Odessa.

It is needless to say that the year was almost over. The moment I truly felt it was when I realized that my last year of university is here. A trip to Iasi and deadlines filled November and a good portion of December.

As I am writing this now, there are only a few hours left in this year. Unbelievable. But true. I reminisce upon all the good and bad that happened to me and can not help but be grateful. This year made me braver, stronger mentally and physically, gave me new hobbies and new people. As cheesy as it sounds, I am quite sad for it to leave, but excited for the new things to come my way. That is because the end of something old is the beginning of something new, isn’t it?

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