• Anastasia Hamurari

A little post of gratitude

You know how we tend to take a lot of things we have for granted? We do not think about the great ability we have to wake up every day, have full three to five meals a day and use Internet with high-speed wi-fi.

I wanted to make this post in order to remind everyone, including myself, how thankful we should truly be. Not just on Thanksgiving or on your own birthday, but on daily basis.

I bet everyone will agree that it is such a multidimensional world we are living in right now. So many technological as well as cultural changes have occurred that resulted in massive innovations. Every single day, month, and even year are being discovered and used by us different types of possibilities we never thought could exist.

Let’s take airplanes as an example. I once saw a video about a man who was talking about the incredible opportunity we have nowadays to fly, yet we still find something to whine about.

“Damn, this ON BOARD wi-fi is so slow!”

“I don’t like this fish they MADE ME! How bad could your CHEFS be?”

“There is so little space in the RESTROOM!”

These questions and many more are constantly in our heads. Oh, wait a moment, but do we actually realize HOW LUCKY WE ARE? How awesome it must be to enjoy our fish while sitting in the chair and browsing web IN THE SKY! We get to comfortably sit in the chair when being transported from one place to another in a span of 4 to 12 hours. How crazy is that?

It is just as essential to talk about the moments we wish did not happen. People are already used to seeing such a detrimental harm terrorism attacks have done, which is not okay. To live in a fear is not a way to live. Personally, it is hard to believe that we get to witness all of this in the last few years. What is worse – it continues to increase month by month.

Let’s face it – we all are terrified. Hearing about the people that got injured or even passed out is only contributing to our fears. When I heard about what happened at Port Authority in New York or at that Country Festival in Las Vegas I couldn’t stop thinking it could be me. I was there several months prior to these accidents. It is indeed scary to even imagine that I could be right there. But I was not.

So, let’s take a moment and appreciate. If you have a spare couple of coins – help a homeless. If you do not wear those clothes that have been sitting in your closet for over a year – give them away. It does not take much away from us, but gives a lot to others.

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